Thursday, September 22, 2005

when the desire revolts

2 days ago i attended a great play (theatre). it was a monologue, just one guy talking. it was really cool and he was brilliant. without getting into details cos i won't be given him enough credit, i'll take just one idea among all subjects touched.
the guy was impersonating 3 characters inside the subconsience: the desirs, the mind and the dreams. the desirs want to go out, to get free, but the mind stops them and doesn't give them any freedom and eventually kills them. the desirs have only one chance, which are the dreams that can take them from one place to the other side, through the thick walls of the mind.
i was really impressed by this, and now i'm thinking about my life. currently, i have desirs that want to go out and be achieved but a lot of things just block them and destroy them like when a cup of glass is broken into million of pieces, after having a crack. i feel this crack and i want by any way fix it or at least stop it from expanding.. these days i don't dream that much, i guess i am too tired and have to get up early for work so i just don't dream or maybe i dream but i don't remember what i dream of the following day.. so i need that thing to pass through these walls, to not suffer cos of the desirs i have even though most of the time we have to suffer till we arrive to what we want.. why everything is that difficult? why life is that difficult? why can't we just live as we want to live? why we have to think about every single detail that might happen just in case. i'm tired of all that and i wish that this time, it's my desir who breaks the wall of the mind and of all the obstacles that the world put in its way. that's my desir.


  1. When your desire becomes a dream, you have the choice: either to ignoreit or to fight to make your dream a reality!
    No obstacles are true obstacles unless we admit they are. At this moment, again, we have the choice: either to surrender and turn back or face them and -at least- have the honour of trying!

  2. I truly agree that sometimes things look difficult..and not everything you want happens...
    But always look on the bright side; your problems, desires, and difficulties are nothing compared to other peoples. Throughout this there will be ups and downs....but somehow you will reach the shore...and you won't remember how "difficult" was :)