Friday, June 10, 2005

Yessss... we made it

this pic was on the last day of examsPosted by Hello

I never thought about that day, the day when i finish university. (i know still one month of project and the final results).
i can't descrive my feelings, probably still under the effect of the chock. i'm feeling great. well i got great news too so i'm just happy and excited, even if deep inside me i know i'll miss those days which is somehow sad.
it is always difficult to leave something behind after getting used to it and to begin a new phase in life.
life is a big word, with a lot of meanings. u can live but not having life, u can think u have all the time in the world to do whatever u want but still chained and attached and not free.
life is the thing that we own but yet sometimes we don't use it in the best way (efficiency is not 100%).. oups.. sorry engineering thinking.
life is the future but also the past.

i remember, 5 years ago, my 1st day at univ. first went to school to attend the "salut de drapeau" and then went to univ and met some friends (from school) and the dean was giving a lecture for us, the new students. i arrived late, it was really crowded and it was hot.
after that, i remember my 1st week, after the chock that no one of my friends is with me in the section, nor even the same group (group is about 400 students), i was always going inthe breaks to see them and stay with them. and how we had to go early to reserve a place in the front rows.

i remember, first and last time ever i was expelled from a lecture, my friends were really surprised. it was not my fault. i was sitting in the 2nd row with my cousin and his friends and they were all the lecture talking, i was just talking to my cousin when the doc was writing something and we were just after a vacation which we had spend together. it was the 1st time that this doc gives us a lecture.

also during my 1st year, my paper of a midterm exam was marked (nothing happened after that) but it was really not my fault. they were gathering the papers, the supervisor was behind me, a friend next to me was telling me i solved something wrong and i told him maybe but im not going to change it and my pens were in the "plumier/ma2lama" and this supervisor, he was just marking all papers when passing.. lol.. even when we went to the doc, we were a lot, he asked, if all of us r cos of this supervisor then no prob..

one of my memories (not really a happy one) is the day when there were big demonstrations in the street in front of the univ, and we were trapped inside and it was like if everything was upside down, they were throwing bombs (to cry).. etc.. i even smelled that and it was a hard experience. I don't recommand u that, when u see that no one is standing, don't go in front to see what's happening, curiosity sometimes leads to bad results.. lol

one of the best things is that i got very good friends, i never thought i'll meet people like them or that i'll have close friends. if u ever read this, I love YOU.

anyway it's hard to write everything here, but i learned a lot from good and bad times. i met different peoples, i saw different worlds.. and now, here i come, to the real world.


  1. مبرووووووووك
    غقبالنا كلنا يا رب...
    فعلا حاجه صعبه انك تسيبي وشوش اتعودتي عليها ... خنى لو ما كنتيش بتكلميها اساسا.. و اماكن دايما بتعدي عليها و نمط حياه محدود لحياه مفتوحه..

    بس اهو .. اهي دي سنه الحياه..


    شدي حيلك شويه في التدوين عايزين نستمتع بكتابتك و بجد حاولي تكتبي بالعربي..


    جار القمر

  2. هاحاول أن أكتب من حين الى آخر بالعربى. سبب كتابتى بالإنجليزية هو أن بعض أصدقائى لا يعرفون العربية و أيضا أكتب ببطء شديد مقارنة بالكتابة بالإنجليزية

  3. congratulations !!

    what forms the meaning of life is the pain and sweet both together

    I remember most of those days, especially that day the demonestration happened, you should thank god you were traped inside as I got traped outside between two lines of black suit soliders, and I was about to lose my head :( (I was returning home)

    also I was expelled a thousand times I guess, but never was my fault,yet, I don't have bad feelings now about that, all the pain is gone and just all the memories now look so sweet :)

    It is hard to start a new phase, that is very much true, hope we find the right way early and don't get lost in this maze.

    just one question, what are you all holding in your hands in the pic :D ?

  4. do u remember the day of graduation, at the called "party", when the girls made the Best Miss thing and all that story.. this is the "winner's certificate". they distribute at the university after that and it was cool.. i had the Miss Independent ;).
    anyway i have to go, my bro is calling, he has a math exam and studying complex (back to the bad memories.. lol)

  5. Congratulations, Froggy!
    Yes, it is such a wonderful experience when you leave something behind and start a new path, not knowing exactly where it is leading you but surrendering yourself to the unknown.
    One of my experiences i will never forget was the first time i attended a delivery, i learnt from that time on that every new beginning has both sides: suffering and joy! This is the way life is always born through our new beginnings...
    May God bless all your beginnings and ends!

  6. Anonymous12/6/05 13:57

    Dear Marianne,

    First of all, Congratulations.

    Secondly, I am absolutely I have been through the same situation before. I had bad days after I finished the university, just thinking that I am still in the university. In any sense, we get older, and things go far beyond what we expect. I thought I would never go back to science, but currently I am doing a Master in Civil Engineering. Hopefully you will be a Master's student one day.
    Anyways, it will not be at ease for some time, but it will go away.

    I wish you the best Luck,


    Issa Zananiri

  7. Hi Issa
    First thanks.
    Secondly, i don't know about the Masters. i like study but it depends on a lot of factor, if i get a job for example.. anyway i decided if i do Masters, i'll wait a year to take a rest and cos i have other plans too, i want to finish piano study first cos i've put it in hold.