Tuesday, July 04, 2006

first impressions on Karachi

well.. this time i'm in Asia, not Africa. i'm in Karachi, Pakistan.
Karachi is a city by the sea, the weather is hot (like egypt) but more humid. it is very crowded, population in pakistan is around 150 millions.
driving is worse than in egypt (never thought there are worst drivers than egyptians until i arrived here).
there are a lot of motorcycles, toc toc, and very colorful microbus (will try to catch in photo).
people are trying to be friendly but the problem is that not a lot talk english.. even my driver, doesn't know english very much (i thought first i'm not used to the accent of the pakistanis, but i discovered than he doesn't know english at all, just few words hotel, office...)
it is the only country i visited where they put a camera right in front of you in the airport when stamping the passport at the checkout.


  1. What kind of work are u doing Froggy? You seem to travel a lot.

  2. while you are discovering the outer world through trips, i am making my own trip to the deep inside of egypt, i am letting my self into different kinds of egyptians as much as i can

    i can tell for sure that through my life i didn't meet egyptians and most of my friends had their one style life, now i meet people from almost everywhere of egypt

    it is somehow a nice thing that i always wanted to do but didn't have a way

    stay safe and take care there


  3. eyetwitness: i send u an email.

    free soul:
    well, it is not about discovering outer world or inner world(egypt) only. u also discover ur truly person, when u r away from ur daily life. and most important is to have the apetite to discover.
    people are sometimes afraid to learn, and just block this process.

  4. you won't imagine how hard this period is

    yet most of the time we (me and my new friends there) could turn hard times into much fun!!

    and yes you are totally right, i am learing much things about myself, improving my soul and my activities in the weak points i discovered there

    in or out, it is a rich experience to have new life and try it on your own