Monday, July 17, 2006

no comment

i wish i had something to say that is far away from war and suffering.
i wish i was millions away from this world that seem so embarissing.
what is gone to the world? what happened to the people?
i couldn't watch tv cos changing channels didn't change the news.
even where i am, there was a bomb. i didn't hear explosion, but sure it was a reminder of what the world had turned to.
i don't care what happens next, cos this world is not worthy to live in. life is not like movies where at the end everything ends happily. no, this is not the real world. maybe i was too naive, to believe in those dreams till now, maybe i was too blind to see, or i wanted to believe what i wanted to see. i had dreams, i had hopes, i was living in a child's world.


  1. as evil exist there will always be good sides..

    think of one good thing to feel better, personally i think of my little niece, she reminds me of the innocence that could be in humans..

    army exist, this is a fact.. so all the time war will exist, never forget that.. keep your eyes on the good sides beside the bad sides to balance them. it is the only way to go on in this life

    don't hate life, life is just what you think of it, think positive and you will find it positive, think negative and you will find it negative, the only thing real is in your mind, remember that always

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