Sunday, August 07, 2005

translation of the song

before translating, i just would like to mention that i won't translate word by word, but i'll try to say the most close to the lyrics. excuse me if i can't express very good in english cos it's descriptions and expressions so i'll add sometimes in arabic to make it more understandable (i tried also to use a translator on the internet)

The very last button of my shirt has been put (zarart akher zorar fi el 2amis)
Above the galons of course there are no folds (mafish ay tany)
The last gesture, last glance in front of the mirror.
I check that all is impeccable that there are no traces.
I turn, certain, take my kepi in the hands (baltaf wana watheq men nafsy, we bakhod el badla el 3askareya ma3aya)
I buckled my belt and I leave the bathroom
My wife, beautiful, is lying there in the bed
I cross the room and I try not to make any noise
My son quietly waits for me behind the door
I take him in my arms to my shoulders, and carry him
And then my daughter comes and smiles to me
It is till very early, i kiss them and take them back to bed.
I has just left discreetly the house
Today it is hot, i feel the sun hitting hard
It is of season already the sergeant kent is waiting for me
Near the jeep, I must leave now

I am sure i'm a good guy
a real puritan, an American patriot
the state made me a man, not a puppet
i was only taught to make the good

Direction the barracks, overpowered by heat
And my face is dull, I feel that my hands tremble of fear
I think of all that, about this situation
about all that i don't understand, my conscience has some questions,
He, i finished thinking
a true lieutenant of the army does not have the right to be mislaid
I has just arrived, run to report myself full of sweat
I say a correct guard-to you in front of the rise of the colors
I say goodmorning to the pals, some valves, we provoque
Salutations, as it should be with the other ranked pilots.
We are gathered around around the generals
The orders are precise and the secrecy is at the top level
A few hours after we sign the end of the meeting
And now, I really know what is my order of mission
I was told about my homeland, my pride, my country
Of a good achieved duty, and this plane takes off


And for the moment on this aircraft, everything goes well
There is no tention, our objective is still far
Each one is in his place, ready in his post
Even the engineers don't think that there will be complaints
the very last adjustments, last checks
Above the clouds, even the Hell does not have a house
Everyone is concentrated and silence is maintained
And to the top of me, the red indicator comes to ignite
Little panic in the air, of electricity
the glances cross a few seconds (el nazarat takabalet)
the objective is very close and the fear invades me
deep inside me i know what will happen here
I think of my wife, with my family in this cabin
And I re-examine like this morning the smile of my daughter
the green light, I press on the button, here it is
I have just thrown a bomb on Hiroshima

I am sure i'm a good guy
a real puritan, a European patriot
the state made me a man, not a puppet
but in Chetchnia we do nothing.


  1. Many thanks :) that was quick

    I can't say my opinion in it as a song or a poetic text as I believe to judge it it has to be discussed in its original language but as a "short story" or a text, it is amazing!! what I liked most is the delay of the "Mission" explaining to the reader till the last moment

    I don't know how to feel about that, after few months from now I will be in the army, what will I do if I face a similar situation, I can never imagine :(

  2. u r welcome
    well, it is not a song as a song. it is more like rap but not fast rap (i'm talking about how they sing it).
    this band also has another song that i like, almost the same thing, about a gangster who is shot and he talks just before dying.. maybe i'll translate it and post it when i return from the trip.

    good luck in the army, maybe u get e3fa.. :)

  3. Good work Froggy, bravo!

    I downloaded the song and listened to it for the first time. Thank you for making me discovering :)

    "Un véritable puritain" (a real puritan) is lost in your translation!
    It is important because it is the one word describing the French idea about Americans.

  4. i know i didn't add this word cos i didn't know how to translate it. so thanks for telling me.

  5. I am planning my life to get e3fa depending on my brothers nationality, and anyway, I have to plan my life that way to continue, I am not going to wait to see what will happen

    OK, have a nice trip then :)