Wednesday, August 10, 2005

probably this will be my last post till next month (less than 24 hours and i'll be away from home).
i would rather write about something happy or optimistic, but i couldn't just let this pass.
today, while reading the newspaper, few lines took my attention. it was about a kuweity tennis player, that was suspended for 2 years i think by his country and punished cos he played against an israily in a tournament.
i was angry of that, isn't sport against politics, against discrimination?
this way of thinking, makes people feel more haterad towards others.
i'm too tired to write more about that, but i guess u understand what i want to say.
anyway i hope that i'll have more stories at my return, have a nice end of summer.


  1. Bye, bye :(

  2. Probably if I commented on such a topic 2 years ago, much different answers would come out of me :(

    I spent very large period of my life interested in reading every single tiny information about our history with Jews and Israelis
    In the first period, I had great hate for all Jews, in the second stage I started to understand the difference between Jews and Israelis, in the last stage I became the man I am now, I admit I was wrong and I may still be wrong

    It is a shame that we all the time forget that we are all humans and start to kill each other and hate each other
    Is a real shame that we all the time look to the differences between us and never look to the common things that gather us

    It is life as we were born in it, the question is, will it still be so when we leave it?

    BTW: the previous comment is a spam, you were listed for spam my friend so welcome to the circle :)

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