Friday, June 03, 2005

little scene

These days, i go at night to photocopy papers (i end up with tons of papers and sometimes i don't have time to check it all).
I pass by the university bridge (kobry el gam3a). Even after midnight, you can see a dozen of cars parked on both sides of the bridge and people standing up, looking to the Nile.. i even saw today an old couple sitting on chairs and eating a meal. what is strange is that u can see old and new cars, people of different ages.. all enjoying a cool night..
I wish that i can feel the same way in other issues in our country, that we are all the same, no difference between citizens. i know that this discrimination is the result of many factors such as culture, habits, economy, education..
anyway this is a long subject to debate.. i just wanted to share what i saw today (just an hour ago).


  1. I must have seen you Froggy!!
    I usually come back home at that time and from the same place, the scen you described always made me wonder about the meaning of fun and peace... the thing that was in common between those people standing there in the middle of the night contemplating the old city..
    dreaming maybe, or maybe just putting aside all their quarells of the day, or just enjoying a space of freedom they cant find in the day hours!

  2. مفيش تمييز !!! معهلش يا جماعه انا كنت ناوي ابعد عن كوكب الأرض و مأزوروش دلوقت بس الكلام ما ينفعش و كل واحد على كوكبه .. الحدوته اني وانا بصطاد ممكن اقعد على الكوبري يوم كامل اشوف فيه حاجات مختلفه: بياع الورد اللي بيلزق للحبيبه و الولد الصغير الي ماشي بكيس كله و ... استنى مش تشاؤم بس حاجه جديده في الصوره .ممكن بكده نوصل ان فيه تمييز و هتلقيه بصور مختلفه في التعامل بين الناس دول . انا اكتفيت بشويه اشخاص مش بأحداث و كل واحد يفكر هيكمل الصوره ازاي؟. الجديد بقى اللي عايز اقوله ان فعلا مفيش تمييز و اجمل حاجه في الصوه مش ان الكل بيستمتع بالجو و الناس بتتساوى ..لأ الناس بتتساوى في نظر مين؟ عمرك فكرت ان نظرتك هي اللي بتعمل الفرق .

    مش هاكمل بس افتكر فهمتوا قصدي .. . دكتور افريقي يوم هأقولك رايي في السلام و زي ما انت قلت المشترك ما بين الناس هو انهم بيحلموا ..

    اتكلمت كتير ، كفايه كده بس ناقص اقول اني بكتب بالعاميه علشان ببساطه مش عايز احسب الي بقوله ،انا بس بكتب زي مبتكلم، لو حاطيت قاعده كلامي معناه هيتغير ( اسأل مجرب)

  3. Anonymous8/6/05 23:52


    I read what you have written, and the nice comment of Mr. Karim. Hapiness is a relative thing. Besides, i do not believe that people should all be equal... And Equal in what in the very first place?!!! Maybe we are equal just because we breathe, eat and have sex...
    Mr. Karim insists that our approach to things mak a great difference, and i do agree with him for instance. But is what Karim says ABSOLUTE?!... Does our approach, and how we look to things sometimes have no effect on truth?! I wonder.

  4. Hi, sorry i'm late to reply. welcome to my blog.
    i know what karim meant, it's a different perspective but it seems u didn't understand what he wanted to say.
    first, when i believe that people should be equal, not in the money they have for example, but to have equal rights, to be able to live, to have the basic needs, equal in treatment, equal in their role in the society (we all have obligations towards our society).
    i know this is not what is in reality, i visited places and saw how people live there.. but this is what it should be and we have to try that, even if u just change a tiny thing, it's something.
    as about what karim says, he means that when we look in a different way, we won't feel any difference in people, that's our look makes all the difference, and i'm with him. sometimes we see the difference cos we look to see that, not cos they r really different people.