Friday, June 17, 2005

Question 2

Yesterday after working in the graduation project, my friends and I went to have lunch.
We were discussing different issues and then this question popped.
Is Life fair or unfair?
these days i'm asking u a lot of questions.. no need to say, i'm waiting ur answer :)


  1. life give you as much as you seek, not as much as you deserve, is that considered fair?

    I don't know !

  2. i beleive it is not fair, some peaple get chances ,that i personnely feel , they haven't done any thing to diserve it

    but i also beleive that if we seek hard for something... we can get it...

    i know that sometimes we dream about things we want, more then we seek for them...
    even sometimes we wake up so tired of the effort we make during our dreams ... so that we don't make any more effort in real life... except blaming life

  3. for me, life is sometimes fair and sometimes unfair.. but at the end, what we consider unfair could be fair for us, we just don't know it.
    it's true that we have to seek and work hard to get what we deserve and sometimes we do all we can and just don't get it, but i'm sure of one thing, that it won't be for nothing.
    and yes, sometimes we blame life instead of blaming ourselves.

  4. I agree with you in all but in one point, sometimes poeple work hard to get what they "DON'T" deserve, and yet they reach!!

    the point you mentioned that when we don't get it , we don't get out with nothing is true, as things must be considered as a time average, in the average people who seek life get it, even if they seek things that doesn't belong to them, on the other way ,and on the average too, people who don't seek their rights and the things that they naturally deserve, mostly don't get any!!!

    it is fair related to work not to its kind and this is the problem!!