Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Being the first

Have u ever tried to do something being alone, then people follow u, then u keep wondering if what u r doing is right or u r fooling all those who followed u?
i felt that today. i was not doing something fantastic at all. i had interview for visa. i went very early cos i had to go and work in the project after that and meeting with our doctor. when i arrived i was the only one, i was waiting and waiting, even i thought i was in the wrong place cos no one was there, till 10 minutes before the time we have to be there. then people started to came and to wait at the same place and they didn't open the door at the time, they were late.. so i had this thought in my mind. what if i was wrong from the 1st place, and all those people came just cos i was there. it is a huge thing, to think that i did that to all. then i was thinking, what is the feeling of the people who leads the others? do they have doubts in what they do? how they overcome this? does anyone wonder if he's right or wrong?
as u can see, i was waiting too long, nothing to do in the street, just hearing the noisy cars, so thinking was the only thing i could do at that time.
i can't think of something else to write now, i'm really tired (i had to get up too early :) ).

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  1. guess it's really heavy resposibility leading people and one must always doubt to be sure it's the right pass