Thursday, June 16, 2005

this is a photo taken by Karim. he has a problem to post it on his web so i'm publishing it for him. u can comment on it and he'll read the comments. Posted by Hello

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  1. Hi Karim, here is my comment.
    when i saw this picture, i thought about many things different.
    First, it's like this kid is in prison and looking to the outside world with a sad look, like wondering why is he behind bars.

    second, i felt that i'm in the place of this kid, i'm behind bars, looking at my future, i don't know what i'll do next, too many questions.

    third, thinking about kids that are deprived (not sure abbout this word, ma7roumin)from a lot of things that we take for granted, a safe home, a family, a school, food, water, peace, playing.. just to live as kids.