Wednesday, June 22, 2005


first of all, this post is for my friend who is encouraging me to write, i thought about a month ago to write about it then i've been busy.. and in a conversation, the subject was brought up. so, here i am writing. (P.S i believe too it's a sign but trying to figure it out, i'll tell u when i'm more fay2a.. lol)
maybe u'll find this a strange subject, the signs!! first let me explain to u what i mean by this. i don't mean the signs of the traffic, nor the zodiac. it's the signs that are in our lives to guide us but unfortunatly they are not so obvious, or maybe we don't pay attention to them cos we don't know how to look.
There are 2 books i really like and are for my favourites and talk about this.
the first one is "Le petit prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (for those who dont' know it, u may have heard about the story of the small prince who went to a planet and asked a man to draw him a "kharouf" ).
We studied this story at school. when first reading it, it would appear as if it is a story for children, but, the truth is that it's all symbolic, it describes the world of the adults and how children see the things as they are really are, so they can see the signs, but as we grow, we forget how to look, we are taken by the train of life so much that we miss the stations we have to pass by.
the 2nd book is L'alchimiste by Paolo Coelho. I've been looking for this book for a long time (i've read some parts of it and i liked it so i decided to get it). i was really happy when i found it, it was like finding a treasure (well i consider books as treasure). this book is all talking about signs and how we have to look for them and follow our destiny and not give up. here's a little part from it, i found in internet (i'll write the translation in my words, sorry if not good english).

Sois attentif aux signes.
N'oublie pas que tout n'est qu'une seule chose.
N'oublie pas le langage des signes.
Et surtout, n'oublie pas d'aller jusqu'au bout de ton Destin.
Le coeur avertit toujours lorsque l'on s'éloigne de son rêve, du chemin qui nous est tracé.

Pay attention to the signs.
don't forget that everything is just one thing.
don't forget the language fo the signs.
and especially don't forget to go through till the end of your destiny
the heart always warns when we go far from our dream, from the road that was traced for us.

i think now u'll ask me, what do u believe? well it's hard to tell how i feel about that. as for me, i think that there are signs made for us, to help us through our decisions but sometimes we create those signs to believe in them and make what our heart tells us to do. i know it may sound strange, but i felt that more than a once, like trying to find anything to justify the next step.
but still, i believe that there are signs for us out there, it happened to me a lot (the last was these days). but i have to admit, sometimes we can see signs but don't know what to do, they make us more confused.


  1. The good sign Froggy is that your heart and mind are still open and ready to recieve "signs"...
    God bless you

  2. signes is directed to our souls, we feel it if we stll have a soul

    the problem when our minds refuse to believe, when our minds have a different opinion on the way we should take and it starts to deny, this denaial process is the origin of this confusion

    souls can talk to each other, reach out for help without voices, but minds all the time put restirictions, try to make us live and die like what we should be, not what we really "are"

    believe in your soul, follow your heart, put your mind second, eyes can see a very small area, soul can see the whole big picture just if we give it a chance

  3. signs are there, i beleive in that. and the more we are aware of them, the more they are clearer, if you can find the book "the celestine prophecy" get it. i have it so if you want you get just photocopy it, it's worth it

  4. to ramez
    first welcome to my blog (i mean for ur 1st comment)
    who is the author of this book?

    to free soul
    i'm reading now a book that i just borrowed yesterday and there's a paragraph that reminded me with what u said in ur comment and also in ur blog (the 3 Me). i'll write it to u later cos i'm now working in the project

  5. "the celestine prophecy - an experiential guide" is a book by james Redfield and Carol Adrienne it's an explanation of the original story with exercises at the end of each chapter.

  6. Bonjour Froggy,
    I don't believe that we have a destiny traced for us... we make our own destiny.I Don't belive in "Kadar" but I belive that God sees for everyone of us a perfect plan for our future & leaves us free to choose, coz he created us free as HE is... so he put signs for us to know this perfect plan & according to our soul we can see them... if our soul is always asking God's opinion & is thirsty for God's voice , we will see the sign. For me I consider "seeing a sign " is hearing God's voice. & if we don't care about His (God's) plan we will never see them.
    God Bless you