Monday, June 13, 2005


have you ever thought that everythin in our lives lead to another thing as if all our life is sort of a web or paths from point to point?
this is that a question for u.. waiting to know ur opinion, i'll tell u mine later ;)


  1. It doesn't only lead to other things in our lives only but in other's lives too

    And i know that every experience we have ... bad or good ...what ever hard it is... it is an experience that will help to pass something else later, or will be useful to support others haveing the same experience

  2. i agree with u, that also we r connected to others too.
    what was in my mind was a different thing, but somehow connected to what u say.
    to be more clear, here's an example: i get that grade, i went to that university, i met that friend. so if i didn't get that grade i wouldn't have met that friend.
    it's like everything we do in our life has an impact on us sooner or later.
    but it's true that at each point we acquire experience whether bad or good that makes us ready to go to the next phase.

  3. Not all the time things are that clear...
    Sometimes we do things, pass through some experiences but they dont lead directly to anything! And at the point we are about to forget them, they come back to remind us of something we forgot or to make us discover something new we needed to learn.
    Life is such a mystery! A valley of mysteries... And it all depends on us, our own seeing eyes, to make unorganized, chaotic mysteries have a meaning or lead to each other...

  4. sometimes I feel that it is like a web with two ends and many check points in between

    I mean whatever you do, the start and the end states are the same, and there are many check points you will pass by whatever the path you will choose,

    If i didn't choose that, i would go another path, but after few stages of choices, i will finally end up to the same end or check point, much choices, many paths but same end all the time.

    I am not sure and this thing always made me confused

  5. about what the other friends said that everything has an impact on something else, it is partially right, actually, everything has an impact on everything else in the whole universe

    this is a theory that came up with modern physics that says if we can know the state of the whole universe at one moment , and we know one theory that judge relations between things (relativity is just the start of such a thing), then we can apply it and know everything in the past of the future, although it seems so odd , but I much believe in it

  6. to african doctor
    thanks for saying the 1st part. i needed to hear that to think about some issues (to remember things i have forgotten and discover what i really want).
    and yes life is a big mystery and we can only see parts of this mystery.

    to free soul
    well i'm not sure about what u say, about arriving to the same point no matter what. then there's no point to think hard about every decision we have to make cos we know we'll arrive to the same end. maybe it's true if thinking that we'll arrive to what we were meant to go (i mean to what we are destined for), i believe in this part.
    as for the 2nd post. i believe also that everything has an impact on the universe. but i don't know how.

  7. I am not sure myself of that ,just when I look back, I see some points that feel like unavoidable in my life, It seems sometimes that the different paths start to push you to the some way, may be it is not a must to reach this point, may be not, I am not sure, it is just looks so much like destiny sometimes when I take a path to avoid something and yet I end up to the same point I tried to avoid!!

  8. did you see the movie "the butterfly effect" it's all about that, the movie isn't that good but it's to the point.
    about your point, "i get that grade, i went to that university, i met that friend" i beleive life has more to it than just that, what i mean is you would have met him in another context somehow.
    another thought a little off topic, people in our lives are not the persons they are what they mean to us and what their presence do to us, get what i mean?

  9. no i didn't see that movie.
    about my point u mentioned it was more about a specific thing in my life and that's what made me think about that. well this specific thing is not accomplished yet but if it happens, maybe i'll explain the whole thing.
    about the off topic thought, if i understood it good, i think i got what u mean and i'm with u in it.
    u mean that it doesn't matter if i love a person or hate him, what matters is what he adds to me by being there. right?

  10. yes you understood me. and you made me very eager to know that thing !

  11. ha ha ha.. soon i hope