Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is my day

i'll write something totally different, i won't talk about a determined subject, i'll just write about my day today. it wasn'ta special today, i didn't win any prize, but it wasn't a normal day either.
it all began this morning, i went to down town to ask about something for my trip and after that i had a meeting with the teaching assistant of a subject concerning a report (i'll come to that later). i had time before this meeting, so i was taking all the time possible in down town, walking slowly, observing the buildings.. and i took some photos of some buildings i liked, i'll post them later. it was something new. also i had time to not think about anything, just walking and enjoying the time. it's like recharging myself after all these hard working days. people in street thought i was a tourist (not a new thing) just cos i'm taking photos. it doesn't matter but sometimes i just want to shout out loud, i'm egyptian so they leave me alone and don't watch me. it reminds me, one time i was with friends in the museum. there were 2 ladies with their children. they hugged a statue to take pictures and were standing in a restricted area. i just told them, this is inappropriate for the monuments, they should respect it.. and what did i receive? strange looks and then one lady saying, don't listen to her, she's a tourirst. i was angry in myself cos this means that we egyptians, we don't care about our treasures.
anyway back to my day, after that i went to univ, i had to take a paper i requested of my previous grades. the paper was missing, i went from one office to another to find it. i know u'll say, this is how it is done in the offices.. but u know, the employees really helped me, they went to ask, came with me, and really took time to look for the paper. i didn't expect that at all from them, i was really surprised. at the end i didn't take the paper but i was happy from what they did so i don't care about it, i'll get it next week.
i went to the mo3id. it's all cos we got in a report 8/10 and i was sure it was correct. i thought, all this for 2 marks, but i was relieved at the end cos i did all i can do (we took 9/10 at the end). it is not about 1 mark out of 100 (subject) out of 1500 (year). it's about making the best and not letting go even for the small little tiny things. cos life is all about little small tiny things put up together.
also one of the great things in my day today is that i had moments to be alone not thinking about my duties and responsabilities and work. i needed that, to have a moment to think about myself, about what i feel right now, about what i want. i know, i didn't find answers to all my questions but still it was a nice thing.

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  1. I talk many long walks alone, they really do help,

    just I want to mention another point, in the museum, about 6 years ago, I was in the mumies chambre, when I saw some tourists (and egyptians) taking pictures, sure you know this is forbidden in this area for the safety of the mumies

    when I talk to them some didn't care at all, and some continued taking photos this time when he thinks I am not looking, it ended up with me heading to the police guards to take a decisions

    it is painful I know to see this act, especially when it is toward the mumies of the great kings of egypt :(