Saturday, September 09, 2006

Egyptians in the eye of Algerians

i heard many things from algerians i met about egyptians & egypt..

the most funny one is that egyptians have a big table on breakfast, eat a lot of things. and this comment was by many, not one only. they have this picture from the egyptian movies.
when i tell them that i eat bigger breakfast in hotel here than in egypt, they were surprised.
breakfast for algerians, just coffee and maybe croissant.

algerian women like to watch egyptian series (el mosalsalat). it is very important for them.
so u can imagine what is the idea about egypt.
this is the reason why it is more easy for algerians to understand egyptians rather than the contrary.

they see egypt as a big country, with a big civilization.
very crowded, live and noisy.

egyptians still preserve their identity. u see cos of the colonization by the french, they got a lot of things from the french. it affected everything from the style of life till even the language, all algerians speak french, and they use it daily also, not only arabic.


  1. Do they like us, coz from the football matches, I got the feeking that they hate us so much.

  2. actually it is not hatred between algerians and egyptians.
    during one of my discussions, i asked that question cos i heard stories too. what i was told is that there are people who r really crazy, they go in the streets, breaking everything, even for local matches between algerian clubs. so it is a general behavior, not only against egyptians.

  3. Anonymous19/1/09 05:49

    not all algerians speak french, only some people in the big cities. French occupation affected the algerian way of life because the policy implemented by the french back in that day was to erase the algerian identity and make people accept the occupation contrary to the british and the italians.
    Egyptian supporters are part of the soccer violent too. look back to the history of the games between the two teams nd yu ll see.
    Hate between algerians and egyptians is basicaly due to some political issues nd not all algerians are aware of that. so yu ll find that the average people like egypt and consider it as a friend country :)
    thank you

  4. Thanks for commenting on my post. you brought me back memories of my stay in Algiers, even if i was most of the time spending my time working :).
    I wish i can go there again someday...

  5. Anonymous26/9/09 16:39

    Post colonial Algeria is a part of the Algerian identity. If we speak french because we were colonized for over 130 years, it is not our fault. Our credit is that we liberated ourselves, and we should be very proud of our mixed language. We dont need to speak arabic in order for us to have an identity. So all you algerians, be proud of who you are and egyptians are the last people who can teach you something about identity. We are the descendant of a great revolution. If there is any body who should learn for the other, it would be egyptians and all other arabs. Arabs always try to creat this complex of identity inside the algerian character, like you have to speak egyptian in order to be pure. For your education , Algeria was nerver an Arab country, and will never be an arab country. We are north african and proud of it. Now if you want to accept us the way we are, you will be treated like any other nation who respect us. If not than you will also be treated like nations who dont respect us. There is no need to stereotype Algerians as being deprived from their identity, because we do have one: we are the survivors of 130 years of oppression and colonization.That is not the case for many other so called arab societies who were dancing during that time. If you guys decide to oppress your minorities and deny them their right, fine god bless the arabs, but we have over 20 multiethnic tribes who dont speak arabic as a mother tongue (berber-blacks....) and it will be unfair to tell them : Today you are all arabs rather you like it or no. As of the beauty of what arab brotherhood. Ask algerians how they like it to be humiliated in every arab airport because they are algerians. Did you ever ask yourself the question why algerians are the only so called arab country who have to do visa and go through a humiliating process in order to visit every arab nation? So you have to be realistic when you talk about arab brotherhood. 10 years of terrorism in Algeria, where the whole arab world laughted at us, there wasnt one single so called arab scientist who had the courage to stand as say: the killing of intellectuals, civilians and the rap of women in algeria is harram> These people were massacred because they had an algerian identity, because they refused to speak like the egyptians, syrians,,,,. Go read Taha hussein and his opinion about our algerian dialect. He basically called us a nation without identity, forgetting about egyptian's humilliation through out history (Loosing a war in 3 days...). We are proud of being algerians.

  6. I personally would not call it a hatred, it is a rivalry between two heavy-weight nations in the Arab world, fuelled by football.

    Althoug Egypt praises itself for being a cradle of civilisation, its recent history is all but honorable; egypt has the highest proportion of people under the poverty line in the Arab world and it has a puppet regime that stands by anyone wishing to bomb an other Arab state (e.g., Palestine, Iraq).

    Algeria, despite the 10 years of civil unrest which led to its decline on all levels, is trying to rebuild itself, and football which has always been the most popular sport in algeria is giving people hope and is a demonstration of the country's awakening from its decade-long hybernation.

    Heated comments are exchanged between the two nations during football games, but hatered is a big word that should not be used liberally especially between two nations.

  7. Thank you Froggy for the explanation I always thought there must be more to it than just soccer that would be insane. Now I get it... Well, yeah and I actually see your point! I mean I should defend it being Egyptian and all... but yeah... it makes sense! What can I say! Sorry! I didn't even know that Taha Hussein said that! That must be really horrible to hear. And as you say, who are we to judge! We are not Arabs either! We are the sons and daughters of Ham so we are Africans too. I just hope, and that's a message to the Algerians, hate only harms those who practice it. It's true. Even if you have every reason to hate, please don't! And I do wish we (the Egyptians) try to be less shmugs!

  8. To this buffoon that claims that Egypt has highest poverty level in the Arab world..where did you get your statistics?., besides poverty has no universal definition. The fact that among Arab countires Egypt is among the few that has real economy in the Middle East. There are wide range of industries and well established infrasture. Where it is true that people are generally poor, they are in much better conditions economically then Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Jordan , Sudan and Yemen and according World Bank it has the most promising out look. Algerians are disliked world wide and known for being barbarians. The french president sarkoszy even lost his cool and called them 'racaille". I am sorry that I am generalizing a whole society, but when I see egyptian flag being burned and tainted with the David star and the Algerian government is complacent about it, all because of soccer rivaly, it tells me that something is wrong in their cutlure, that this is acceptables. They call themselves the country of the million martyr, but the fact that killing each does not make you martyrs, but murderers and fanatics.
    I understand that soccer is their only thing they can do well to appear on the world stage, but instead of trying to win the egyptians side and have them cheer for them in their world cup, they gloat our militray defeats, call us zionist collabraters and burn our flags.

  9. One thing that all Arabs have to understand that they are all equal in the eyes of the rest of the world. Egyptians think that they are better, and that all other Arabs should bow to them, for what? god only knows!!!
    Algerians just want to play football, not lead the world. No Arab country is capable of doing that. Besides, every Arab country can decide for itslef what is good or bad for them and no-one should dictate to them how they should rule tehir country. The Egyptian media has deluded the Egyptians by telling them that they are the best people in the world, just because they happen to be born in a country that had a civilization 3000 years ago. Mexicans had amazing civilization but they have never said that they should and ought to win afootball games because of their long history.
    I have never in my life thought that the day would come when a nation is criminilized just because it won a football game. Egypt was eliminated by Algeria in 2002, 2004, and in 2010. Egyptians have never won a game against Algeria outside their borders, where they use illegitimate means to terrorize people like thy did in 1993 against Zimbabwe, and in 2007 against Etoile du Sahel Tunisien.
    Keep thinking that you are the best because this is what you have done all your lives. Everyone is laughing at you, you are truly bitter losers. Insult us as you wish, we have won and you can do nothing about except cry

  10. I am an American and I think that Egyptians have lost their mind over a football game.

  11. I habe been reading about this rivalry betwen these two nations and as a Greek citizen, I can say that I have lost all respect for Egyptians, they are trying to tarnish the image of Algerians, just because they lost a football game. We have an Algerian player in one of clubs and we like him.

  12. To Egyptians I say, you should respect yourselves, and stop insulting other people. Your football sucks and you lost.

  13. I have just read that FIFA will punish Egypt for failure of protecting Algerian players in Cairo. Egyptians have burnt a few houses that belong to Christians in Egypt just because they lost a football game. True barbarians, they threw stones at players to win a game and when they lose the start insulting a whole nation.

  14. I am from Tunisia, and I want to say that our players were beaten in a satdium in Egypt becaue they won a football game against alahly of Egypt.

  15. I just want to add this, in 1993, a football game between Egypt and Zimbabwe, which took place in Cairo, had to be repeated because Egyptian hooligans threw stones at players and injured a player and the coach. The Egyptians won of course. The game was repeated in Lyon in France and the Egyptian team lost. Poor Egyptians they will never learn that they suck at football and the only way they can win is by terrorizing people in Cairo Stadium. FIFA will punish you and the whole world is luaghing at you...

  16. Dear all who had posted comments the last few days/months... first i would like to say that this post was 3 years old and it was what i've seen in Algeria which is a country that i really loved and i would love to come again and it has nothing to do with what's happening currently. and if you can read what i've said, it's from the exchanges i had with my algerian friends.

    as for the incidents that happened over the football game, i would like to say that the media played a big role in this issue and that if some people did a mistake, it doesn't mean that all the people are like that.
    i am not going to defend my country but i want to say that if you go and look around in the media, you'll find what's behind in feeding people with this bad emotions towards each other. i am not going to say something extra about the bus incident in cairo, but i want to ask you, did you see in the media/news what happened to egyptians in algeria, even before the last match at sudan? did u hear the news about what happened in sudan, after the match even after Algeria had won? i'm not going to reply to those answers but please do check all the sides of the story before making judgement. I can say sometimes egyptian are proud with themselves but not to the extent to come to violance. egyptians are already suffering from lot of issues and strugling in their lives and football is one of the things that brings joy to them, it is so sad, yet it is the truth.
    i also want to say that i've colleagues that attended the match in algeria, colleagues who were working in algeria and had to be back to egypt due to the latest incidents and i know friends also who went to sudan and i do trust them, they are not the type to say rumors..
    thanks for commenting and please, this was a pure statement long time ago, nothing to do with sports so if you are welcome if you want to comment about my thoughts but please no offense regarding algerian or egyptians. i don't want to go into words fighting for something that is not worth at all.
    thanks for understanding

  17. Can you please delete all comments that are hurtful to both parties. You are responsible for the contents of this page and also responsible for any acts commited as a response to what was written here.

    So, please act responsibly and only leave comments that are respectful to both nations.

  18. well i don't really agree with you on deleting comments cos it is like hiding what people really think about. People have the right to share their point of views and to discuss whatever they like even if we don't totally agree but it is in our hand to argue back. And to understand why this is all happening, we should hear what others say and not just close our ears.
    this is what i believe in, that's why i'm not deleting any comment here.

  19. Algerians have an inferiority complex.. not towards Egyptians per se but towards all the other Arabs. They don't have much to offer to the International community so when they have a chance to play in the world cup, make international headlines and finally get noticed by the rest of the world; they simply become insane.

  20. Anonymous30/3/10 01:52

    why do the Algerians hate the egypts so much did they beat them in a footvall tournament or what

  21. I do not have an idea why these confused algerians are doing this to the egyptians How DUMP. Algeria is the dumpest country in Africa. Thry think that they will won over Egypt. I an egyptian living in the USA and i think algerians must shutup before they get smacked by the egyptian whiches of Africa HA HA Ha shame on you algeria and your stupid people

  22. hey what's up why do people say that Algerians are bad I mean i have an Algerian in my class and she is real nice. I am an Egyptian who believes Algeria and most of its people are alright.