Monday, September 04, 2006

Bye Bye Andre

Andre Agassi, after a long career, played his last match yesterday at the US Open.
I'm not going to talk about his achivements throughout his long carrier, i'll leave it to others cos it is easy to get the records.
what i want to say is what i feel personnaly about him as a person. I began to have interest in tennis in the early 90's, and Andre was the first tennis player i cheered for. I still remember him, with his long yellow hair.
after that period, i don't have much memories about him, till i saw him playing in the French Open in 1999. and i almost didn't like him at that period, i don't know why, but when u just don't like the guy. maybe cos his image had changed from the time i watched him, maybe cos he had beaten my favourite player in that tournment (the 98 champion)...
anyway what struck me most, during that match, that though he was far beyond, he came back in the final to win it. he never gives up, he is dedicated himself to what he is doing.
so over the past few years, i was just pleased to know he his playing around even though lately not that much. He had proved that it is not all about the age, it is about the heart, though there are younger players with more energy, he was still present in tennis courts with his hardwork and his love for the game.
it is rare to find nowadays people doing their job with so much dedication, love, respect without being caught in the routine of life.
so, farewell Andre, will miss u.

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  1. Yeah, I will miss him very much

    I read that he is finally out while i was in the army and that made me sad, I wanted him to leave in the final of a tournment, winning