Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Road to Algeria

I heard that Algeria is a nice country to visit, but you should see it yourself to judge.
But to get there, it is not easy, especially if your flying in Algerian Airways. At the ticket office, they told me to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight, i think they should have said, 2 hours after the flight. ok i'm exagerating a little, but our flight was delayed 1h30. we were supposed to fly at 16h15, they annouced boarding at 17h00, we took off at 18h45 (you never forget exactly the time of everything if you are in that kind of situations.. lol)
Anyway, i thought that it was some kind of emergency that caused that delay... but i found at later that this is the normal, the plane is always delayed 1 hour at least.
The plane was very small, very crowded, no entertainment at all, no TV (only screens to see where we are in earth, to wish to just arrive as soon as possible), even no radio (this is the least in the aeroplanes, for a 4 hour trip).
The only good thing that made me forget all about that, was the good company. i was sitting next to the corridor, on my right, was a young woman and her mother, both algerians, on the other side of the corridor was a young girl, 19 years old, algerian too.
it made the trip totally different, we talked about everything, about differences between our cultures, it is very interesting.
We finally arrived, landing was a little bit hard, but we made it safely. there was a funny thing, my friends warned me that algeriansw will get up and open the hatch for hand luggage, before the plane is completely parked. and they did, and the crew had to just ask everybody to sit down several times.
anyway after finishing the passport thing and get my passport, went out to look for the driver that was supposed to pick me up. well i found a guy with a paper written on it the name of the company but with a name of another guy. so i asked him is there another driver from the company, he answered no, i asked if he knew there would be someone waiting for me, negative answer too. i went to try and look for someone else, didn't find, so i returned back again to ask, he said he is waiting for a guy. so since i had colleagues in algeria, i just contacted them and they told that the driver is in the airport. you won't believe this... it was that guy, he was supposed to pick me and 2 other guys, and had even my name in the schedule.. i don't know if he thought my name was a boy's name or what.. anyway finally after maybe an hour, we left the airport just me and one of the guys, the 3rd one whose name was on the paper didn't show up.
so.. after that long day, sleeping was the best to do :)

to be continued


  1. Hahahahaaa

    je pensais que nous, les egyptiens, etions les seules a faire cette actions dans les avions

    tu doit un joir essayer de voyager avec EgyptAir....Maskharrraaa

  2. mes amis algériens disaient que EgyptAir est beaucoup mieux que Air Algérie :)

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