Wednesday, September 13, 2006

adventures = ?

r u curious about the answer? try to guess...
well it is difficult, since what i'm going to say doesn't happen a lot.
ok, here is my little story, for u it will be very funny, and u'll say the poor girl, what a luck!
Here is the whole story... just don't laugh too much :)
everyday i come back to the hotel, i notice a small pizzeria near it, on the corner of the street. by the way pizzerias and taxi phone (shop for talking on the phone) r everywhere in Algeria.
I decided today, since i was a little hungry and well i thought it would be nice to go out for a little on my own, to go and have lunch there.
There was a even a movie on the tv, and i wanted to see it, but i told myself i have to go out, not stay in the hotel as almost everyday.
so, i went out and.. as soon as i stepped out in the street, it began to ran. i decided, it just just 2 steps, i can just walk quickly and arrive at the pizzeria, and have dinner and hopefully rain will stop by then. actually, things didn't go as planned. first in the few mintues i walked, i was like drowned. i always try to look to the bright side, i don't get to walk under heavy rain a lot in cairo.
but sometimes the bright is too bright that it makes u so blind and u see it dark. well it wasn't only the rain. there is a cafeteria beside the pizzeria, i just entered for shelter from the rain, and well thought i can find something to eat like sandwich or a meal. well, i was surprised that they told me there is no food, no sandwich, no french fries, nothing except croissant and drinks. they told me if i come earlier, at 3-4pm, there will be but since it is 5h30pm, everything is finished. it is so weired. in egypt, any cafe, u find food anytimes, sometimes u ask for something and there is not, but i never faced a situation like that.
anyway i decided to take a croissant and a pepsi, and to wait for the rain to stop. i waited about an hour, sitting on a chair that is not very stable, watching the sky, feeling like i'm out of the picture. it was crowded, no girls or women, young guys talking loud... and i just was sitting there thinking my sense of adventure got me to that point... then i rememberd a friend telling me that he doesn't like the number 13. i don't believe in that stuff, but at this moment, i just smiled and told myself, he is right today ;-)
well it ended that the rain became light, so i just walk out back to the hotel. and i'll probably have a yogourt or cereale for the dinner tonight.
see.. this is what adventures lead to :-)


  1. Adventures = New experience, or at least something to write about in your blog :)

  2. much better than my day... it was not so bright to blind me, it was so dark.. even arrived after it went already dark!!

    I don't ever believe in this nonsence about day 13 or so, i don't believe about this stuff at all actually and i dont' care much, things happen all the time, we just happen to notice them at some days and bind them to our own stories

    rain is not that bad, i love it even in stormy weather, although it is so rare in egypt but i love it so much