Sunday, September 10, 2006

Destination Kourou 99

7 years ago, from 5/9 till 14/9, i had the most wonderful trip of my life.
it all began in the year 1998/1999. it was a competition between schools, and at the end, we were 9 winners, from 9 schools.
we didn't just win a 10 days trip, we won something more important, friendship, which is priceless.
i can't believe that it has been actually 7 years since we travelled. i still remember our first meeting, we barely knew each other, we were gathered by fate.
now, after 7 years, we graduated from universities, we have different carriers... each one of us had his own life but, we still have this common thing that bond us together, Kourou.
we shared great memories together, even after our return to egypt, with the famous Tomber la Chemise ;)
I miss u all, i wish i was there to celebrate.

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