Friday, July 01, 2005

Efficient way to reconcile with urself

Yesterday, i was alone all day. I wasn't feeling that great so i decided to do something different and i think it worked out very well.
Sometimes we need to take a break from life, as if stopping the time and just be with ourselves and know what we need or what we think. Maybe after reading this u'll think i'm crazy, i don't care and i think if u try this, u'll feel better (well at least i did).
so i think by now u r curious about what i did... :)

okay, it really simple, all i did is, while being alone in the room, just talking to myself, saying what makes me angry, what i think, what i feel, my doubts, anything that crossed my mind at that moment. i already knew all that, but it is different when saying it then when just thinking about it.


  1. + قبل كل شئ كن صادقا مع ذاتك .....فبتعذر عليك أنذاك أن تكذب على أحد

    + إن أطول سفر يقوم به المرء ...... هو العبور إلى عمق نفسه

    well done... dive more in

  2. مبدئيا انا اسف لو هطول و لكن امرك لله و شوفيهم :ـ

    من انت ؟
    من انت ؟ سؤال بسيط , لكن اجابته من اصعب ما تكون فمن مننا يعرف من هو ؟ من مننا يعرف نفسه ؟ من مننا يعرف بالتحديد من هو ؟من مننا حدد بالفعل اهدافه ؟ من مننا قد عرف ماذا يريد فعله خلال رحلته القصيرة على هذة الارض الفانية ؟ من ....... ؟

    اظن ان الاجابة الواضحة انه" لا احد يعرف نفسه" قد فرضت نفسها , فرضت نفسها و بقوة امام العقل البشرى المتردد, و التائه في هذة الحياة بانوارها و اضوائها المبهجة و الذي كثيراً ما يأخذه التيار في اتجاهه و يسبح فيه سعيداً و لا يدري حقيقة هذا التيار الا في النهاية و حينها يجد في امواجه قيود تمسكه من عنقه فلا يستطيع الافلات منها , قيود تكثر و تزيد , قيود تشل حركته اذا فكر – حتى مجرد التفكير – فى المقاومة .

    و مع ذلك تجد بعضنا يقول " انى اعرف نفسي جيداً " و لكن الحقيقة انه مهما بلغ المرء من ذكاء و خبرة و مواهب خارقه و ..و .. فلم و لن يستطيع الا معرفة جزء ضئيل جداً من نفسه , جزء مهما بلغ حجمه و مهما ظهر كبره لنا , ظل فى الحقيقة صغيراً .

    انها دعوة , دعوة لكل شخص ليفكر , ليبدأ في اكتشاف نفسه و معرفة ذاته و تحديد اهدافه , دعوة لازلة الستار عن هذا الجزء الضئيل فحاولى , حاولى دائماً و لا تيأسىو استمرى......ـ

  3. when i need to take a break of my life i just turn on some music sit all alone and try to clear my mind and not think of anything at all
    it make me feel good and more concentrated

  4. to fady: i like it, who said that?

    to ensan: no problem at all, write as much as u want :), i have always time to read and it is interesting to know different opinions and on the contrary i like that the discussion goes to other terretories, other then the direction it was set to in the 1st place.
    i am with u, we keep discovering new things about ourselves every day and it is hard to proclaim that we know everything about it.

    to ramez: i do this too, sometimes when i am sad, i listen to my favourite songs, it depends, just to be calm and forget about everything else.
    but what i meant was not to take a break, on the contrary, to get out the things inside, problems, thoughts, fears, i don't know what else, to face them, to think about them..
    i believe sometimes we need to take a break, sometimes we need to reconsider things, so that life can goes on.

  5. froggy
    this statements are from the book
    "Fan el tawasol"
    lel ab "jan powel el yasou3y"
    the original book name
    "Would the real me please stand up"
    the john powel S.J. library

  6. talking to yourself and discussing the different things that busy your mind is one of the ways to know yourself not to come to decisions or reach internal peace !

    there is another efficient way too, I sometimes use it and it is much more efficient for me:

    I take a white paper and put the pen in my hand over it and let it go, I try to make my mind as clear as possible, and let the pen go freely, after a while I stop writting and start to read the paper discoving new things I could never think about of myself !!

    but whenever the pen stops or I find that my mind has some act in the process I start to know that the idea is not working and I am judging what I write so I stop at once

    many of those texts exist on my pc, when I read them I see 3 different persons talking, shouting, fighting all the time