Saturday, July 16, 2005


i know i didn't write for a long time, so i want to make it up, i guess u'll hear me a lot from now on so i hope u won't be bored.

first, for those who don't know the word, recapitulation in music means some notes (some bars) linking to the beginning again which is repeated.
i think that i need to do this with my life, to recap every thing. i have got a lot and a lot to say, but don't find the words or should i say, can't get it clear.

i have been working for a month in the graduation project with my friend. i should say that we had some good moments, but also some bad moments but at last we did what we could do and thank god, we had an excellent.
what makes me a little sad, is not that i'll leave university but cos i'll leave my friends. i know this is life, but it is hard to think that one of my best friends from school will be far away. i know we didn't meet much lately, though we are in the same faculty, but i always knew that whenever i needed her, she's there and now i can't just imagine that she'll be not here for at least a year.
also another friend, that i gained from the univ, will travel soon and don't know when she'll be back, and another one travelled already but i'll meet her next month.
i'm sad cos i know that too many friends, too many people i won't be able to see, cos everyone will take his own path.
myself, i'll start a job in september, insha2alla, and i'll be mainly travelling. i'm excited about it but also i know that it will be hard sometimes, to leave everybody. i just don't realize it yet.
and next month, i'll be travelling, getting my last vacation probably before work.
sometimes i wonder what will be the future, what will i do. i want to do million things, now that i'm free and have time but i'm afraid to face the reality that i won't be able to do everything cos of life. like having million dreams but u just know that u just can achieve one only. anyway, i think this is too soon to think of now. i think all will be clear once i'm settled in my life.

this week, i'm working in abou za3bal, at the leprosy with a belgium group. this is my 4th year. i think i discovered why i do it. i just fell in love with the place and the people. although this year, i couldn't catch the 1st week of work cos of the project, i'm happy that i'm going this week.
i'll post later about the place and the people, about the work we do.

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