Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nice Word

Today, i was in the CTA (it seems that all the stories i talk about occur in the CTA). The driver was a really cheerful man. When on the road, we passed by 2 people talking very loud in the street (small accident). The driver when passing beside them said, it is nothing, just go on, but one of the men said come and see urself. so, the driver stopped and went to make peace between them and he succeeded. When he came back to the CTA he said, this is the nice word.
I was really impressed by this simple guy. It wasn't his job but yet, he took from his time to make something good for people and to spread the Nice Word as he said.


  1. I liked that you called it "THE" Nice Word...
    As if it is - i believe- personnalized in a way or another

  2. i didn't notice that, when i wrote it (it was at end of the day and i only had slept 2 hours the night before).
    i meant by the that it is something defined, not anything. he said: el kelma el 7elwa (or el tayeba) not kelma 7elwa.