Saturday, July 02, 2005

Make Poverty History

Today, 8 concerts in different countries Live to get the attention of the world, especially the leaders of the big countries about Africa. These concerts are not for collecting money, they are for free, but to deliver a message, a cry for help for the most needed countries. It is time to stop this, it is a pity that the rich countries always gain more and the poor countries are more and more in debts. It is a pity what the world had arrived to this extent, it is time to take an action.

I wanted to post this cos i think it is a positive thing that many people around the world are trying to do and it really touched me and if i share it with people, they'll share it with others and the message continue to run.
sometimes we can't make big things but we can begin with little things and look to the people that need the most our help in our country. i am sure that a lot of u already don't need to hear that cos u already doing it, so i'm giving u a big sheer and my encouragements :)

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