Thursday, July 21, 2005


Today, my uncle and cousin arrived to Egypt. Of course i was happy to see them again but at the same time, hearing stories make me feel so sad.
i just want to tell u, that things are worse and worse then last september, that things are not as in TV.
here r some stories, the trend now is that gangs buy hostage from other gangs, a way to invest. here's a sad true story. one guy was kidnapped and they asked for 100,000 dollars. his family sold everything, house, car, all to get the money. they gave them money but he didn't return so they contacted them. another gang told them, they bought him from the old gang and they want money, at least the capitol. they couldn't pay anything, so the gang left the head of the guy in the garden of the house.
all the bright and smart people had left iraq so the people left, and governing of course, are not qualified at all.
a very big hospital, like the el kasr el einy in egypt, only 6 doctors in one speciality instead of 50.
another horrible story, the neighbour of my uncle was arrested by police, they said suspect of being a terrorist. he was really tortured badly, i won't say how. but after all that, still not confessing (he was innocent of course) , and they decided to kill him with a bullet in the head and drop him somewhere the following morning, but they got a picture by mobile of the real wanted person, so they left him at the end.
u can see parts of bodies when u walk on the street.
the temperature is 50 degrees, no electricity a lot of time during the day so now way to have air condition or even fans.

all that make me realize, that i'm blessed to live in egypt. i know that many don't agree, but just try to imagine what if... i don't want to add something more. i just wanted to let u know what happens really there and also that we don't appreciate sometimes what we have.


  1. A lot of us only consider the blessings that they enjoy after losing them. Thanks for reminding us of what we enjoy.

  2. Set up a protest against terrorism tomorrow in the streets of Cairo. Do it. Call everyone you know, join together, link up this Egyptian blogosphere and to the streets.

    Karim Elsahy