Monday, May 30, 2005

Family reunions

Yesterday night, i went to the airport to wait for my dad (he was only travelling for few days for work).
It was in the "new" old airport (2nd time i go there, first time was when my uncle and cousins in last september).
It wasn't much crowded as i used to see when going to airports, but most of the people there waiting for their families and loved ones (coming from arabic countries) shared the same thing which i found really nice.
the children dressed in their best. the old people waiting with desire. when someone of the passengers arrive, his family rushes to meet him or her and give kisses.. especially if the coming one has a baby, they take the baby and give him kisses, it must be weired for the baby, to see so many faces, ( i wonder if i was in the same situation, first time i took the plane and came to egypt, i was only 11 months old).
anyway it was just a nice thing to watch while waiting for my dad to come out. maybe i just noticed it cos it wasn't that crowded and cos it was common with everybody, but it made me feel happy.

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