Friday, May 06, 2005

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Hello, i was thinking to find time write a little, and a comment make me decide to write and also a friend of mine created a blog so it's like encouraging me more.
also i thought that if i said that i won't write for a while, that no one will check but yet, some of u was still hoping to find few words.
so here i am.

just to tell u what i'm doing these days, i had my last ever quiz yesterday, and it was a difficult subject so i was studying in easter and sham el nessim, i didn't feel that there was feast.
and for the time being, we have just one more week of classes, but full of extra lectures and sections (last saturday i was from 8h30 to 6pm at univ), reports to submit, working in the graduation project and of course, trying to find some time to study all what we take, try to imagine that.. lol
i'm not saying excuses for not writing, just explaining how things are.

okay, this is enough, i'll post some things i was thinking of lately.

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