Friday, May 06, 2005


Few days ago, i saw a part of the sworning of the iraqui government. guess what?
as u probably know, the president is a kurd. ok, this is one thing, but to talk in kurdish in front of the whole country, even if translated, this is not acceptable.
the kurds want eventually to get independence. they have their own army, currency, their cities are the safest in all country (except the bombing that happened 2 days ago), and the americans were helping them all that time, giving them weapons till they became that strong.
maybe u'll say that i am biased but look at it from another point of view. they are some minority, it's ok, they have their own language, no problem, but the president is iraqui before being kurd, and he must respect all the people, so why does he talk in kurdish that no one else will understand? he did the same thing, the day he was elected. but who chose him? not the people.
u know what happened, what are the elections that they were held?
people would vote for a list (with names, like a party). when a certain list takes a certain number of votes, they can be represented by a place in the parlemant (i don't know the exact name) and this parlement at the end will chose the president and the rest of the government.
maybe u'll say this is fair. but no, why? cos first the conditions were really bad that not all the people went to vote. not everybody took a paper that they must have to go to vote (this i'm certain of), only the kurd cities were totally safe so of course all the kurds would go to vote and of course they had the majority of votes (are they minority now)?
it's a pity to see how things are now. i know that Saddam did some mistakes, nobody is perfect, but at least, the people were SAFE and any change must be done from inside, from the people themselves.
now i'm talking about another subject that will take me pages to just say everything i have in mind.
i can come back and talk about that issue later.

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