Tuesday, August 02, 2005


i can't describe my feelings. looking in the results, to find my name, and yes, look again to make sure it's true. here's my name, here's my grades. 5 years has passed by, it was hard to try to keep it up, but i guess i managed it as best i could. i know that sometimes i could have done better, this year i could have done better, but i'm happy and i guess it's one of the few times feeling that yes, i'm satisfied, that the hard work payed of.
i think it's the only year i was not anxious about results. maybe cos it took a long time so we forgot about results, about grades.. or maybe cos i already know what i'll do next, not waiting for the results to determine that.
i wanted to see all my friends, but i just saw a few. i wish everybody succes in his/her life.
and now, i can say, i'm an engineer :).


  1. Congratulations !! although I was happy we are finally done but a small sad moments came over my soul when I figured out it will be hard to see some of my friends so often as I used :(

    now legaly we have the right to be called engineers :) and I guess we have the right to ask for a holiday too :)

    so, what is your plans after you are already graduated ?

  2. 1000 MABROUK ya engineer!
    Et ben il faut arroser ça quand on se verra.

  3. to free soul: thanks. same to u.
    about my plans, i have a lot.. lol
    first, i'm going to have a really nice vacation, i'm travelling in less than 2 weeks. after that, starting work isa, if i finish papers, contract and all that stuff. there r also things i would like to do and that i postponed till finishing studies: continue piano studies and learing spanish. also maybe masters, but not this year, i want first to take a break, settle in my life, see what carrier i would like to have.. etc.
    i guess this is enough for the moment.

    to milad: merci, bien sûr on va célébrer ;). à bientot.

  4. alf alf mabrouk ya bashmohandessaaaaaaaa, kalamek edani amal we tafa2ol khoussoussan enni fi handassa 3ein shams we fadelli noss el modda ( tale3 talta ) , atamanalek el tawfi2 fi el fatra el gaya :)

  5. to ensan: hanet, el wa2t hay3ady bessor3a gedan we mosh hat7ess bih khales.. ana ghayet delwa2ty mosh mesada2a eny dakhalt el gam3a men 5 senin, ana lessa fakra awel yom kowayess gedan.
    yalla shed 7elak we rabena ma3ak.

  6. congratulation to the world that you became an engineer. yalla let's make it a better place.

  7. Froggy,
    I am proud of you, not only because of your success but because you are always searching for the meaning beyond it.
    God bless you my blogger friend, and keeps you always a source of hope to others.

  8. to laser guy: same to u and good luck in ur masters.

    to african doctor: thanks (though this makes me feel having more responsability) .