Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Report 3 (12/08/05)

we started the day but having breakfast for the 1st time. all i can say is that the yogurt is so great and also the "bolbief".
after that we met our team leader and also one with us in the group, a polish lady who is 52 years old and came to germany riding a bicycle from poland (about 1000km). well she didn't continue with us after that cos she went in another team to work on the bicycle.
anyway, our team leader said, our first task will be at the RheinEnrgie Stadion, that we'll go and know what we'll do. so we went there, we waited to do anything.. the boys just moved 2 chairs and a table, i don't know exactly, i was sitting in the stadium, with the polis lady, talking about life in our countries.. and it was raining.
after that, we decided me and my friend Mina, as we didn't have anything else to do, to go to the train station and meet our friends, Milad and Mina there. we met them, and took them to the registration center. well it wasn't as easy as the previous day when i registered, there were too many volunteers to register, long queues, we took about 2 hours just to get it for registration!! we met also another group of egypitan volunteers, i knew most of them.
after the registration we took them to our accomodation. i became expert in the metro after one day.
after that we went for touring. we visited the Dom (the cathedral). then we decided to study in the guide to see what events to attend when we have free time. but we didn't study a lot, we heard some music, went to check it. some people playing music, other artists drawing with chalks on the ground in front of the Dom. we went after that for a walk in the streets, on the Rhein, it was superb and it didn't rain. we returned to a meeting with the team, more members arrived, 2 germans and 1 from the philippines. after the meeting, we went to the train station to meet our last friend to arrive, Tony. we didn't know on which train he is coming, or what time exactly, just coming from Dusseldorf. i went to ask at the information desk while the others went to check the inofrmation boards. after waiting in the queue, for a time, i arrived to the guy sitting there, he couldn't speak or undesrtand english, only german. i tried to explain to him, saying train, arrive, dusseldorf airport. he wrote me a time on a small piece of paper. well we checked all possible train that pass by dusseldorf. and waiting on the platform, and every train that comes we look if he arrived or not (i didn't meet him before, just contact by email before travelling). and finally after few trains and about half an hour he arrived, at the time that the information guy told me about (he understood me) and we returned all at the accomodation to sleep :)


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