Saturday, September 17, 2005

I need your help

Hi all, i need your help. One of my friends in Italy is making a research for the universiy of Venise that could lead to a project but she needs data to have something to start with.
so if you can answer those questions here on the blog or send me email to i would be grateful.

if it is possible, advertise this on your blogs, forward emails about this survey and publish it everywhere. i know that the blog is really powerful and can reach a lot of people so i'm counting on you.

1) what type of books do you prefer to read? what subjects?

2) what type of books would you like to read but you can't find in libraries or in bookshops in egypt or in arab countries?

3) what aspects of the italian life are you interested to know or discover through litearture or books: everyday's life, travel and trips, philosophy, science, art, politics, biographies?

4) are you interested by books about the "italian point of vue" on the current problems in the world (international politics, globalisation, pauverty, ethics.. ). please specify

you can write about what you think, not just answering yes or no or "3ala 2ad el sou2al". it will help more if you talk and say your opinion.
this project is to translate italian books to arabic but they need to know what the regular readers would like to read or are interested into. this project aims to let the arab world and egypt, discover what the italians really think, about their life.. etc

Thanks a lot for your cooperation


  1. Marianne, I believe there are better ways to post surveys on the internet...

    I am not the expert, but you can browse here & there and you'll find something.

    have done a survey. Maybe you can ask him

  2. the survey milad did is one of the many nice features provided by drupal, as I said many times you will always be facing limitations when using blogspot.