Sunday, September 25, 2005

Report 5 (14/08/05)

We went to Bonn by train in the morning. it is a nice city but it was raining. it is not that big, but it has beautiful scenes on the Rhine. also there's the house where the famous Beethoven was born. it is a museum now, we had visited it. without talking much about history (i know my friends heard this million of times). i love his music, he is one of my favourite composers from a long time. i think first pieces i played for him was bagatelle and fur elise. now i play sonata pathetique which is extraordinary, it takes u from one place to another and i begin to play moonlight sonata (i bought it from the museum, 1st piece to buy by myself). i guess i'll post someday about beethoven. i discovered that he was not that rich, he was in debt, he owned one of the 1st if not the 1st bond in i don't remember what in zwitzerland.. etc.
after this we went for a walk. we entered the cathedrale, there's an coptic icon, gift grom egypt. we had a walk in a street with very old houses (starting from the 1400's). it was unbelievable, we couldn't believe they were that old, they were as bright as new.
we met in the street an old man, who stopped us and whe he found that we were from egypt, he kept talking and talking, in german. we had with us egyptian friends living in Bonn so they talked with him and the rest of us, just waiting till end of discussion.. and suddenly, he began to sing. i don't remember why he sang, but it was so funny. we had a nice lunch (than God it had stopped raining during it, just after finishing it ran again).
at the end, we took the train, we went to Liverkusen to attend a celebration mass for all volunteers. it was too crowded, imagine big stadium, the BayArena, almost packed with volunteers in red (about 27000 people). we made the mexican wave (1st time with me). it was cool. in overall i was excited to be there and had a great time.
after that, it was a disaster. imagine all that number going to the train station. we finally get in a train to go back to Cologne, but we were like in a sardine can (as the proverb says), even worst than the transport bus in egypt (not the CTA). i don't remember i was in that situation in the metro in egypt. anyway we arrived with no damage, except that my ID holder was torn, for the 1st time (it became a habit after that.. lol).

i forgot to say, Beethoven died in the same day as i was born (of course not in the same year).. i know my friends will kill me cos i have been repeating this. forgive me, i couldn't not tell.

one last thing: would u like me to continue posting these reports? or do u think it's an old story? or writing with a very slow rate and i just have to write the rest all together?

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