Monday, September 05, 2005

Report 2 (11/08/05)

i left egypt at 4am. i didn't sleep except one hour. i slept a little in the plane but that's all. before leaving, when i was saying goodby to my family, my mom was very touched i was going away for that long (i think it is the longest time so far to travel) so she was about to cry but thank god.
when flying in the sky, it was really incredile to watch the sky early in the morning, with all the clouds over there, making great piece of art.
the 1st situation i faced, was in my 2 hours transit in Milan (i travelled Cairo - Milan -Dusseldorf). I went to the WC, and... i was trapped inside. i was knocking in the door, an italian woman talked ot me but apparently she didn't understand or she left. I knocked again, and finally i heard a french girl asking in french of course: "is there anyone inside?". i was happy cos finally someone i can talk to and explain the situation. i told her i'm trapped, they tried to open but couldn't, she went to get some help and finally they opened the door. i could hear the french (they were about 5) saying poor girl!! it is funny now but back then, not at all.
arrived at Germany, i took the train. 1st an old couple helped me, told me from where to stamp the ticket. other people helped me with my bags and to find my way to the place for registration. after doing the registration, which was not easy cos there was a little problem in my ID, someone had registered for me, even there we can face those problems.. lol. anyway after the registration, i had 2 extra bags, one or me and one for a friend i did the registration for him. so u can imagine, me alone carrying all that in an unknown city, knowing only ya or no in german. well i didn't go straight to my accomodation, a school somewhere. i asked to have lunch, i shared it with people from spain, poland. they were really nice people. after that i took my courage and strenght, and went on the street to go to the accomodation, knowing only the metro station i have to go to, but how, still to discover. a german saw me with all that, offered me help, he was a volunteer police officer. he was going in the same direction, so helped me carrying the bags and explained to me how to use the metro (it is more complicated than in egypt). i don't know if he wasn't there what i could have done. arrived at the station, it took me a while before finding the school but finally i arrived there. well also there was a little problem, my name wasn't in the list, but it was ok. i went up to the gym, and i was chocked, no matrices. i have to sleep in my sleeping bag on the floor (i thought there would be matrices, lik when i go camping in my school). anyway, it was the reality, i was too tired, no other option. i didn't do something special that day, i called my team leader and told me to meet the following day. my friend whom i made registration arrived at night. the rest of them arrived in the following day.


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  2. What a brave to do it by yourself alone..
    Looking for the followimg day...