Saturday, September 17, 2005

Report 4 (13/08/05)

i'm not supertituous but, really that day was a boooooooring day. be patient and u'll know the reason.
i think our team was finally complete. we met in the morning, we went to the information center near the Dom to meet other teams and the "great" Thomas. our team leader, Markus, didn't know what we'll do except that we have an important task which is saving the water tower. anyway we walked till we arrived to a building, we went upstairs, maybe 5 ot 6 or even the 7th floor, i only remember too much stairs. we were maybe about 40 people. it was supposed to be our training for the job. so, what's the big deal? it should be peace of cake and having fun. well, not exactly, thomas was trying to be nice, playing a stupid game at the beginning then in the middle, playing a more stupid game. it was boring. for example, telling us open the book on page 42, rad the 1st sentence in the 2nd paragraph. after we read it, he then talks about a totally different thing. he showed us the hierarchy of the system, the secretary general, the i don't know what, the group leader.. etc. or for example tell us a place and we have to look for it in the map. it was a real torture. the most important was when talking about our task. by the way, this wasn't in the plan, our team leader had a phone call telling him we have this to do. well, our job was to guard the water towers. i guess u r wondering now, what r those water towers, it sounds like we r in warcraft. not at all. those water towers r for people to drink water, very simple, right? instead of giving million of bottles for everybody participating in the WYD which will lead to an ecological disaster, they drink from those water towers. so the question is guarding from what? well, there r 2 kind of problems, small problems and big problems. and in different situations, at the end we have to call thomas to report to him. one funny thing, he said that he knows that the international phone calls from mobile costs so all we have to do is to ring then he answers make sure who is the person then hang out and he'll call, so it doesn't cost. but he have to answer first, not cancel the call!! after all that boring training, we had a rest to go and have lunch. we planned to go to the food center near the place then to take a touristic tour in the Dom then be back... but it was the 13th, not any day. after we arrived to the place (we were lost first), we discovered a lot of volunteers there, maybe all of them, and there was a very long queue. we waited and waited.. and when almost there, the food was finished, so we had to wait till they bring more. it took about maybe 2 hours to get the food. but we were not that upset cos we won't go back to thomas soon, we were just hungry. but due to this, we didn't have dinner, we had to choose either lunch or dinner. and an extra person came to share food with us. but he was a nice guy from Brazil, i don't remember his name. there was a church just near the place where we were, and there was a marriage. try to imagine the bride and the groom arriving and discovering hundreds or maybe thousand of volunteers around the church. after they finished the celebration inside the church and came out, we all cheered them. i can't imagine myelf in such a situation. i met there the sister of my friend at univ, i was happy about it though i didn't meet my friend. well, we had to go back to the training after that, to make the schedule of the shifts. we had to choose on 2 days 2 shifts of 9 hours!! and everyone alone but can see the others who have the shift at the same time. poor boys, they had to take the night shifts. after this, we went to the Dom to take a drink in a cafe there, then we went to eat our 1st Brutwurst in Koln. i don't remember what we have done, we just had walk in the streets there.

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  1. i cant forget the first time i visited the beautiful Cologne.. i was alone very tired & somehow afraid.. when i stepped outside the train station i was sooo shocked .. wooooooowwwwww was my first reaction.. it was awesome.. i can only imagine the wonderful time you spent there with a mission & people from all around the world.. one boring day wouldnt count would it?! ;)
    God Bless