Thursday, September 29, 2005


when two crazy people meet, the only thing expected is that the conscience is having a rest and the only thing left there is a dream... after that crazy moment, no one knows was it real or not, there is no proof except what is in the mind which is already crazy trying to figure out the reality from the dream, maybe it was too good to be true or too unexpected to believe.. at the end of the day, the sun has gone, the moon is high in the sky, people go to sleep, or watch tv, maybe going out, the life keeps going but the crazy is more crazy, trying to hold on that crazy moment too much that it is becoming now the reality...
i guess i'm turning crazy myself, and it is only the beginning of the day!! maybe the effect of the last day of work before the weekend ;)


  1. Froggy,
    why should the conscience have a rest while two carzy people meet?
    maybe it is becoming crazy itself! maybe it started to like the dream...
    dont know, but i am sure that life without some crazy moments would be very boring, wouldn't it?

  2. Africano,
    it is expected that the conscience is having rest cos as i have said in previous post, the conscience or the mind tries to stop the desires and i guess crazy means to not think logically, just be natural. i don't mean that having a rest is that it is sleeping, it is just being spontaneous and to live the moment as it is.
    and of course life is nothing without some craziness..

  3. crazy is against the mind, the heart is against the mind, the soul may be against or with the mind, this means to live a stable life satisfying all the three parts of me, I have to be crazy for at least 33% of my life :)