Friday, September 02, 2005

Report 1

i will try to tell everything i remember about my trip. little small things, and also the big things.
i went as volunteer in the World Youth Day, in Cologne (Germany) for 2 weeks then one week in Italy.
it was a wondeful vacaction, i enjoyed it very much and i had a lot of fun and a big experience.
i will tell u a little today about my general feelings about those 2 countries which r different.
in Germany in general, u feel that everything is in order. u have the timing of all trains and all metros, u can know everything u want. people r very sportive, they use a lot bikes, u can see a family going in a tour on bikes. people respect the traffic signs.
in Rome, u feel like walking in an open museum. each building has a history, is a piece of art. but it is more like in egypt, people selling in streets, people cross the road as they like (not all of them but a lot). i was lucky i went in a season where people r in vacation so it wasn't that crowded.

in the WYD, there were a lot of young and even old people from everywhere in the world. it was amazing to meet people, talk to them although u know that u probably won't meet them.
we had our egyptian flag with us, people were amazed when they knew we r from egypt, and came asking for photos and autographs. i was proud when holding the flag or when walking beside it. it is a great feeling.
well, one of the funniest thing about the flag is that an italian came and ask a friend with the flag: 'r u from nepal?".. lol
also about the flag, here is another story. we were in the team: 5 egyptians, 1 philippinos, the rest germans. when we walk or we want to have a special sign, we were all following the egyptian flag!!!
about italians, we (me and my friends) called them "heksous". they were too many italians, everywhere italians. u know them right away, they sing, and talk in loud voice, they invade everything. we even thought that there r no young people in italy, cos they r all in Cologne.
i was really thinking before going to italy that i will go to the heksous. but it all went well. even in rome, i saw people with the WYD bag. everybody participated got a blue bag. so when u see it u know this person was there. it is like we all share one thing together and i felt nice. one day i was taking train from rome to ciampino where i stay (just 15 min away). there was 4 italians with the blue bags and also big bags. when i was getting of the train, they saw my bag and asked me if i was there so i told them.

end or report 1


  1. In Paris too, many people are holding the bag (including me for some days :) It's nice, but no one asks "where are you from?" any more!

  2. It sounds an interesting trip ... I doubt you will find agian who is looking forward for autograph signature easily, it may happened once in the lifetime

    Waiting Part II

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