Wednesday, September 14, 2005

my life

well, a lot has happened to me in the last month. i'm now working or preparing to be radio network engineer. I'm working with a french company subcontractor, so currently i'm working with Alcatel Egypt. so i spend my days in Smart Village (it's outside Cairo, before the gates of the road to Alex). it's nice but i have to wake up early to catch the bus and i return tired, and most of the days, i go out after work to meet friends or attend a concert or.. so i end up, looking for my bed to sleeeeep.. lol
yesterday i went to concert of Wust el Balad at el Sakkia with my bro. i have told friends to come but couldn't come. but really i enjoyed it. i really appreciate the time with my bro cos we have a lot of fun together, we laughed a lot and the band is really great.
few days ago, i went to Opera Aida with a friend. i didn't know that it will take that long, we finishied at around 1am. but i really had a good time, it's very impressive, it was 1st time to hear it complete and i enjoyed it very much with my friend. so thanks for coming with me.
one of my best friends is leaving on saturday to study masters in France. till now, i didn't realize it, i mean not thinking that she'll be away for 2 years. we are friends since school for 18 years now and she was there when i needed her the most.
and finally, i'm currently very happy in my life, though sometimes i wonder, what if things don't work out but i have faith that everything wil be just fine, it's just that sometimes, we need to work a little harder to get what we want but i know and i'm certain that we'll get it at the end.. i know maybe it sounds strange, talking with symbols.. but don't worry, everything will be clear at the right moment.


  1. "The right moment"
    i just love this word, i miss it too :)

  2. it's funny, who defines the right or the wrong moment? i don't know when it will be the right moment but i hope soon enough.