Sunday, September 25, 2005

answer: Jean Philippe Lauer

i was hopping that anyone could anwer that.

in my opinion, Lauer is the gardian angel of Sakkara. In 1926, he came to Egypt after obtaining the diplome of architecture. he lived in a small house near Sakkara. what is different about him? many egyptologues or archeologues came to egypt. well, not at all, nobody was like him. for about 70 years he reconstructed the old fence surrouding the Sakkara complex. He rebuild the colonnades and the funerary temple, stone by stone. can u imagine how it was before that, what a great job he did!! he discovered socle of a statue of Djeser (Zoser) with inscription of Imhotep as the architect of this place and great priest. Imhotep is the oldest known architect known in history, he is behind the Sakkara complx, 2800 years BC.
He gave life to Sakkara, and spend most of his life living there. his dream was to build a museum there.
He died in the 15th May 2001, at the age of 99, but he'll live forever in the heart of the city.

P.S: this is a brief overview about him, he wrote many books, he achieved great work. if u ever go there, just have a look at the place and think about him. i guess u'll discover more and more about him if searching on the net.

this is an interview i found on the interent but in french in 1999

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