Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Exam or not exam, that's the question

what a strange quote. when having an exam, we should know what exam and when is it, right? but that's not what's happening with us. till now, wednesday, we don't know what we'll have as exam on saturday, and the order of the exams. if we'll have or it will be postponed, i guess we'll know that tomorrow.
well it's a long story to say what this confusion. it's just that we, the students, don't agree with the order of the subjects and we wanted to change it. and we knew today that the head of department didn't agree at all, even that we took the permission of the doctors we wanted to switch their exams.. and half of the students know that we have electronics as 1st exam, and the other half antennas...
the result of that, some are considering to protest and not attend exam on saturday. others say we must go and stand there in the department. (that's before knowing that probably we'll have other option to postpone the first exam, what the doctors will decide).
that's the end of story. still to wait the final decision.

why is it only when something concerns our interests, we don't stay silent and try to unite and do anything. but when it's something that won't add anything for us, we just leave it to anybody else to do it.

why we always think about protesting in an agressive way? i mean like not attend the exam. why not do what we have to do, follow the rules but in the same way protest in a nice manner, just saying we don't like that and we demand our rights.

why the people with authority do whatever they want to do and don't change their mind unless everything is turning bad and arrives to a no back turn?

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  1. Hi,

    Actually, that is pretty normal, the most effective cause will be the one that touch us directly, not the one we see its effects on others, but what is worrying me now is a different thing.

    You know, 64 only out of 502 persons voted for any of the two options, there were no third option in a subject that touched all of us, that means that now, we are not even ready to act even when the problem is directly related to us!!!

    Long time ago, I read a thesis about Egyptian youth and how they don't care about public issues and especially political one -politics is one of my major interests- now it seems painful to know they even don't care for their own business.