Thursday, March 03, 2005

The story behind my nick name FROGGY

Probably you have heard this story before, but i'm telling it anyway for who didn't.
But i'm warning u, no mocking, no laughing..

First act:
well, it all happened about 22 years ago, when on the 26th of march, 1983, a baby was born (obviously i'm talking about myself). my dad, when he arrived and saw me for the first time at hospital (in my mom's room), i couldn't breath, i was turning blue, and they called for nurse and doctor. fortunatly, i was saved. anyway, after this little incident everything was fine. so u'll say what's the relation? well, my dad says that i looked like a frog!!!! (if u see my pic, probably u'll say the same thing).

Second act:
my dad and my brother, always teasing me, whenever a frog comes on TV, they call me so i watch myself.. of course, i hated this but no way to make them stop.

Third act:
i was in 1st secondary. i wanted to choose a nickname, we were writing slam books at school (it's like a copybook, with questions and everybody answers them, for souvenir) and everybody had to put a nickname.
so.. it came to my mind. and since then, i collect anything about frogs, from key chain to magnet... etc
i guess u know the rest.

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