Sunday, March 13, 2005


today there was a company that had organized an event at ower univ. it was like a training session, a doctor came to talk about discovering ourselves (i think that was the subject). anyway, they came and distributed flyers but as we understood, to enter to the place of lecture "modarag el sawy" for the people who knows engineering (not el sawy, el sakkia.. lol) we must have one, like invitation..
so what has happened? well, as u can guess, in our dear country, everything is well organized.. just kidding of course. when we went there, we found it was full and no place to enter at all. then there were guests, students from "academeyet el madina" an unknown univ or i shall say academy.. and they made them enter..
my objection, and others too, is that when organizing any event, they must put in consideration the capacity and not distributing free invitations (they said that they were flyers not invitation).

it reminded me another event that i was exposed too. 6 years ago, there was a tennis exhibition tournament at the pyramids. as some of u know, i'm crazy about tennis. so of course, as soon as i knew about it, i bought tickets. there were 4 players, including Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario and Anna Kournikova (the other 2 are less known). it was on 2 days friday and saturday, 2 matches per day. so, me and my family, went on friday, earlier than the time of the match. there were buses to take us from the end of el haram street to the place of the stadium cos it's away. we went on a bus, it was loaded, it was circulating then turning and going back to the same point and we didn't know why was that.. then we heard the news, there were no place in there. how come? we had all tickets. apprently they distributed free tickets!!!! we went to make a complain in the police station then, people decided to walk in to the pyramids so we joined the crowd and we walked at least 30 minutes. and when we arrived there were policeman around the stadium.. well at the end we managed to enter for the 2nd match cos some people had left. and the following day everything was organized and we even went by car till the stadium itself.
but to tell the truth, i had more fun watching the game the 1st day then the following day cos it was after going through hard times.

anyway, what i would like to say is that when people will be organized? i know that there are people that organize very good events, but the majority, i don't think so.. they don't even have respect for time!!!

well, i hope that one day this will change and people will be more organized in their life in general.

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