Thursday, March 03, 2005

3rd of March, World Day of Leprosy

Many of you will wonder, what's the Leprosy? well, before 3 years ago, all i knew is that it's a skin desease, nothing more, nothing less..
i had the chance to go at the Leprosy in Abou Zaabal (in Qalyoubeya) and work there in summer with volunteers and it really touched me.
The problem in Egypt and maybe in other countries too is that there's not a lot of true information, people are afraid when they hear this word. maybe decades ago, when medicine was not so developped, it was dangerous. but now, the situation is different.
i can't deny that the first time i went there, i didn't like that the people living there hug and kiss me but then, i saw how the strangers (belge) do this with no hesitation. and also seeing the people was not so pleasent too, it was a difficult experience.
but after that, i kept going there in summer, year after year.. and i like it. and some people there remember me when i go.
last thing, the people there are not contagious, they were treated long time ago but they live there cos they don't have anywhere else to go, the society doesn't accept them. can u imagine that some of them are living there for 20 years or more!!
so, i hope that the look of the society towards them will change someday.

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  1. Annemie (from Belgium)6/3/05 21:02

    Hi Marianne!
    I really liked this text about leprosy that you wrote... and I recognize your feelings! I'm glad to hear that you even went back there the year after, and happy to tell you that I will also return to Abou Zaabal this summer! It's just so nice to be able to help those people... Hope to see you there in july!!
    PS greetings to your brother!