Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Then, the busy years went rushing by us...

on monday we had the graduation day at university. i still remember the first time i ever saw something like that.. students in 4th year dressed in costumes, taking photos, looking great...
and the years go by and it's our turn to feel that way.
i wasn't upset or sad cos our university days are coming to their ends. maybe i just didn't realize that yet, or cos it's my nature trying to have much fun and forget about anything that might make me feel unhappy.
people say they are the best days in our lives and we must enjoy it. well, i can't say if it's right or wrong.. i still miss the school days. but what i'm sure of is that i've made great friends during those five years, that's the first thing i won't forget at all. i was lucky to meet them, though we didn't become best friends till last year but i think that's the true friendship takes time to grow and i really appreciate them being around in my happy moments as well as in my difficult moments.
i think i've learned a lot about life, about people, and that's what counts. it doesn't matter what grades i took, what exams i've passed, what really matters what i've lived and what i've learned. i've learned to accept failure and to not give up, to have hope and believe in myself. i've learned to trust my friends and share my feelings with them, to just be myself and do what i believe is true and most of all to keep my principles no matter what.
so, though the hard time we have at the university, with all the quizes and reports, i still don't regret the path i had chosen, even if it's not the easiest one.

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  1. 1000 Mabrouk! Enjoy your last days as students before enjoying your first days of unemployement:)