Friday, April 08, 2005

Pope John Paul II

well, i can't say that i really knew him or all of his work. but while watching the tv, the past few days, my admiration for him grew more and more, for his life, for his achievements, for his person. how he reached and touched the heart of millions all over the world.
i can't express how i felt, but watching the funeral today, was a special thing. i was touched by everything, the atmosphere, the choir, listening to different languages..
all the world recognizes what great man he was, what message he wanted to pass.
this makes me wonder, what is my role in life? what is my quest? i guess this is what i'll try to figure it out these days.. and i'll tell u when i arrive to something.
i'm sure that everyone has his own role but it's harder to discover it than to realize it.
so, think about it.

Last but not least, here's a quote from one of my favourite books.
"En général, la mort fait que l'on devient plus attentif à la vie"
Paolo Coelho from L'alchimiste.

"In general, death makes us pay more attention to life."
(sorry for the translation if it is not that accurate).

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