Monday, April 11, 2005


Every now and then i'll share with you something from my old past, i'll write in the title Memories.

Here's a little story that i just heard few days ago. i was with some friends from school and we were talking about the past, about our teachers, about the old days.
One of my friends told me this one, a situation that happened between the two of us, so i'm sharing it with you.
We were in the kindergarten (jardin d'enfants). We used to have a time for singing songs then they distribute some sweets before going to play in the playground.
That day, we had chipsy, 3assaleya (a candy stick) and a third thing. My friend had a tooth that was going to fall so she couldn't eat hard things. So i asked the teacher that i give her my chipsy and she gives me her 3assaleya so she has also three things like all of us.

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