Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Right or wrong?

Today i was in the CTA, from heliopolis returning back to home.
I waited for a long time, about 30 minutes. so of course, the one that arrived was very crowded, and people are standing up. i wanted to return back at home as soon as possible cos i was going to the opera. Anyway, while i was standing up, i heard 2 ladies, also standing up talking together. One said this is wrong, the driver should not allow people more than the seats, and everytime he stops to take more the people shout and say no place. Well the point is, it is against regulation, so the driver should not do that. but also i think it is our fault, the passengers, cos we agree on that, if we say it is wrong than we must be the first people to not do that and refuse it. I don't use the CTA that frequently to say if it occurs a lot or not, rarely i don't find a place.
But what makes me think is that a lot of times, we say it's wrong but just talking, not acting, otherwise, nothing will change.


  1. I'll write my comment in arabic because it's more easier for me

    أكيد أننا نتكلم و ننقد من غير ما نعمل حاجة مشكلة كبيرة لكن فى جانب إيجابى ... الناس بتاخد بالها أن فى حاجة غلط

    سبب أن الواحد ما يعملش حاجة صعب جداً انه يتحدد فى ناس بتقول أنا مش هعمل عشان أنا لوحدى أو عشان مفيش فايدة أو بسبب فلكلور الروتين المتوارث من أجيال و أجيال و الى دخل عليه جزء كبير من الأستسلام ,السلبية و الامبالاة الى خلت الواحد فى الأخر مايعملش حاجة غير الكلام و النقد خاصتاً

    ده غير أن الكلام مش بيعور أوى و الميزة الأعظم الكلام ببلاش و الدليل على كده أنى كتبت أسباب من غير حل

  2. maybe you are right about what you said, i agree with it, and this is a great thing that at least people notice, i didn't think about this point.

    PS. thanks for commenting, at least i know that one has read what i wrote :)

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