Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Robocon insight

I won't talk about the competition itself but about what is behind the scenes..
(for the people who don't know, robocon is a competition of robots constructed by students from different univerisities)
I went there 2 days, sunday and monday cos my brother was participating and also a team from my promotion at univ, today the round of 16 is held.

it may seem strange what i'm going to say next, but it really moved me.

the 2nd day, i went alone first (my mom came later), i was sitting in the stadium where the competition was held, waiting for the beginning of the competition. i was in the 1st row, right behind the fence. there was a tissu hanging from it to the floor. a worker came and he was adjusting every part, no one would have cared about it adjusted or not, no one would have noticed it, but yet he was doing it with precision.

how many of us do his job with all his heart and doing his best even if knowing that no one is watching or it is not a big thing to be done?

2 different attitudes: after a match was finished, winning team greeting the other team (this scene was rarely).
after another match, one of the loosing team threw away the thing he was wearing (i think he has to be disqualified cos it is not the spirit of sport).

how many times when we are so angry with someone or with ourselves we act without reflection and in an agressive way?

People in the stadium, cheering with loud voice, different students from different universities, government and private. it was nice to see the entousiasm but... sometimes it crossed the lines (not in a bad way but still i didn't like it) .

a small group from my faculty came to encourage the team, not only that but they were helping them too in their robot, this was really great to see, i was very happy about it, this is the spirit we need.i This was also for other teams, especially some teams from same univ, they were helping each other, passing their tools, even asking for help).

well, that's all i can remember now, last thing i want to say is that i'm happy to see all those students participating, 41 teams from different universities, in cairo and outside cairo.
it was difficult for some of the teams, working hard for months, to loose in 6 min (2 matches) but i think they gained more than this loss, the experience, the joy and passion to make something, the friends they got to know... etc

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