Thursday, February 09, 2006


why all people talking about football, say that it's nice to see girls in the stadium cheering?
why there is no other source of joy except winning a football competition?
why do we forget the suffering and all we talk about is our national team?
why people want to boycott to prove their identity?
why we begin to care when there's a disaster, but after the storm calms down, we forget everything?
why is it easy to blame someone but difficult to recognize our own mistakes?
why is it difficult to live?
why is it difficult to love?
why is it easy to hate?
why people always look to criticize?
why can't we live in peace?
why am I asking these questions???


  1. Anonymous9/2/06 14:26

    you are 100% right in your "Why" just discribes what happenes in our lives

  2. I think...Beacause we refuse to sacrifice and take charge of our own responsiblities. And we keep on saying why because we are hurt, and the healing path is very demanding and asks for more sacrifices.

  3. I think it is not so difficult to love, I think that it is rather difficult to find someone who deserves pure love & understand it: If you love somebody, or show him you care, he will certainely think of what you will ask him for this love or what is your aim, nobody understands pure, aimeless love , or may be it can't exist in our society