Saturday, February 04, 2006


just 24 hours made me change completely my mood..
yesterday, at that time, i was in the stadium for the match between democratic republic of congo and egypt. we had to go so early cos they said they'll close the gates 3 hours before the start of the match, but i didn't care, i was happy.. and of course i was happy that we win at the end. i returned very tired but so happy.. i wanted to write about it but not anymore

today, my bro wanted to buy tickets for the next match. he went from 2pm at el ahly club in guezira, i joined him around 4pm... i can't describe how things were going.. soldiers beating crowds, crowds waiting from 11am till they start around 5pm to sell, and of course a lot of people without any order, even girls who tried to buy some tickets, including me, we couldn't, there was no place for girls to buy, a man laying in the floor almost dying..
me and my bro left around 6h30 without any ticket, and we decided we'll cheer senegal in the next match, and i decided i won't even watch the match.

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