Thursday, February 16, 2006

Le Clemenceau fait demi tour

Few weeks ago, there were some concerns about Le Clemenceau (a french military ship) to continue its trip to India where it was going to be dismantled and disamianted (not sure about this word). It stayed a week in Suez Canal before allowing to continue its trip to India.
And now according to La Tribune, arrived to destination, it will go back to France to reexamine it and determine how much dangerous material is on it (officially they say it is around 40 tons of amiant but some reports say it is far more than that).
but this time, the way back to France will not pass by Suez Canal, but all around Africa.

This is how things should go, even if this operation will cost a lot of money for the country, even if at the end they will discover someone hided the truth of how much it is dangerous, they are not afraid to admit they were wrong and assume theire responsabilities and show the example to the rest of the world.

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