Saturday, February 04, 2006


yesterday in the metro, i saw papers printed and hanged asking all muslims to boycott danes products. it doesn't matter what i believe if we should or shouldn't boycott... but what makes me angry is that this metro is the property of the public and i think this is not right to use it like that to propagate ideas... also i don't like when one girl says a small 'do3a2 el rekoub' so that everyone keeps saying it after her. sometimes i'm very tired and people just scream beside my ear. anyone is free while is not annoying anyone else. and this is a public transportation so it must be respected.

i had a sort of reverse situation, in the yahoo groups i'm subscribed to, someone forwarded an email and really there was some offensive words to christians.. and i just send one email saying plz no one forward something without reading what's in it and thinking if it will hurt anyone or not.. and i got defensive replies that what's written is not what is meant and bla bla bla..

why everything turns to violence, as if we just wait for any little thing to free the violence and hatred. do u know that in itaq, they bombed outside churches in answer for the denmark. this is just one example. i know it is not fair cos this is how is the daily life in iraq, bombs everywhere but still, the concept itself... punishing some people who has nothing to do cos of what someone did and the problem is that nobody just stops and thinks one moment.


  1. I know what mail you are talking about, at work we had a long discussion about this mail, me and one of the guys who sent defending it, one thing i can tell you about it, even Islam don't support this mail, its contents is wrong information, i don't want to get deep in details but this is sadly true, the one who sent it sent wrong information that separate us more and implant hate between people

    I believe anyone with real belief in god will be loving for others and peaceful, no matter what happens around him his act will be honest and pure, that is not what i see from all the people here and it hurts me, it hurts me to see hate controlling us

    I agree with you that we have large amount of trapped violence that we take the first chance to release it, we are crushed with problems here and so at the first chance we release this amount of preasure, unfortunately, it is always directed in the wrong direction

    god didn't create us different to hate each other and figh each other, that is something i know for sure!!

    About the metro thing, nothing is done right in our country so don't worry about that, if you followed the last elections you would see how they used trees, schools, mosques, house walls and every thing to put their advertisements and i would wake up at 1 am on the sound of a moving car calling for supporters!!

  2. Hi free soul
    1st what i wrote is just some thoughts about things i noticed in general

    about the mail in the discussion, i know that it is not true and i wasn't upset as some believed, all i just wanted is that people should think first which is something a lot of people don't do. people just follow, not even trying to know what they believe in. when we get to ask questions and not take everything for granted, i know that the world would be different

  3. for sure yes, before i see your post i was just writing a post with similar thing

    the judge shouldn't be the words, the judge should be from the inside, what is wrong can't be right because others think so or because people that came old ago told us it is right, that is what we should follow, our minds not others