Thursday, February 09, 2006

the final

i had made my mind before the semi final match to not cheer the egyptian football team... it is not cos i'm not patriotic, but it's a decision i made after what i've seen.
and now, i just read an email asking all the fans in the stadium to say for 3 minutes before the start of the match "صلى الله على محمد .. صلى الله عليه وسلم" to protest for the denmark issue, and to tell everybody by forwarding email or sending sms so even people in houses and after the match repeat the same thing...
why not ask the players to wear a black mark for all the people killed in the ferry accident???
(by the way, during the match agains the congo, we were asked to stay one minute in silence cos it happened on the same day, but will people invite to do that?)
this has gone very far. first, this is sport, and in sport we have to forget any political, social, racism issues... sports carry the message of peace and love... i wish that people understand this one day. that refusing to play a player or a team cos from a certain country has nothing to do with sports (just one example).

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